Research Grant

Assist in funding tribology-related research and development activities
Conditions of Receiving Grants
The theme of the proposed research is related to tribology.
The research is expected to contribute to the tribology industry for sustainable society with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Applicants and co-investigators from industry or other for-profit organizations are excluded.
First-time applicants must have reference from their supervisor for recommendation.
Amount of Grant
Total Amount available: US$57,000 for first round
US$1,000 to US$30,000 for each applicant
Period: one year (extension will be considered at the time of renewal)
One person / group can apply for once each round.
Application form must be downloaded from the link below. Submit the application form filled out necessary items.
Due Dates for Application
First round: March 31, 2024
Second round: 2024 Second round will not be implemented.
Screening Criteria
Novelty of the research plan
Academic significance
Possible impact to the tribology industry for sustainable society
Selection and Funding
Selection is made by the Screening Committee and approved by the board of directors according to the following schedule.
Selection and approval:
First round: Middle of June
Second round: 2024 Second round will not be implemented.
Funding Grant:
First round: Early July in the same year
Second round: 2024 Second round will not be implemented.
Grant Report Required


Grant Report consists of three items: Summary, Main Report (including the List of Presentations/Publications) and Budget Report.


Grant Report must be submitted in one year and a half after receiving the Grant.


Summary of all TTRF funded research, Theme Title, Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator(s) if any, and the List of Presentations/Publications will be posted on TTRF Web Page.
Main Report (except the List of Presentations/Publications) will be disclosed after confirmation that the Investigator(s) approves and specifies the disclosure date.
Additionally, the affiliation and e-mail address of the Principal Investigator will be posted so web page visitors can contact the Principal Investigator.
Budget Report is kept private and not posted on the TTRF Web Page.
TTRF Intention to Grantee
“The purpose of TTRF is to advance the field of tribology and, therefore, TTRF is making grants available to qualified researchers. It is expected that any intellectual property developed as a result of any TTRF grant shall be made available to the public at no cost so that the field of tribology can be expanded.”
Application Form Revised on July 29, 2022
grants application form(PDF file)

Grant Report Form Revised on Sep 7, 2020

Mailing address (Japan principal office):
Taiho Kogyo Tribology Research Foundation c/o Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd. Hosoya Plant 2-47, Hosoya-Cho, Toyota-City, Aichi 471-8502, Japan
Fax(Japan principal office): +81-565-28-9298