2000 Oct.
Taiho Kogyo Tribology Research Foundation was established in USA.
2001 Jan.
The first Board of Directors Meeting was held in Chicago.
Original Directors; Mr. Nobuo Fukuma, Mr. Masaru Funai, Prof. Yoshitsugu Kimura, Prof. Herbert S.Cheng, Prof. Ward O.Winer
2001 Jun.
Research grant project started.
2001 Jul.
Support for Conference started.
2002 Sep.
Mr. Fukuma passed away and Mr. Seihachi Takahashi assumed director.
2006 Sep.
Researcher's Information started (researchers only in Japan).
2007 Sep.
Support for Young Tribologists started.
2008 Apr.
Prof. Cheng resigned as director and was appointed as director emeritus. Prof. Kenneth G. Holmberg assumed director.
2009 Jun.
Mr. Tatehito Ueda assumed director.
Researcher's Information expanded to worldwide researchers.
2015 Apr.
Dr. Yoshio Kumada assumed director.
2015 Jun.
Mr. Koichi Sugihara assumed director.
2016 Apr.
TTRF-TAIHO International Symposium on Automotive Tribology started.
2016 Apr.
Mr. Masaru Funai resigned as director and was appointed as director emeritus.
Mr. Bryan Y. Funai assumed director.
2023 Apr.
Prof. Ward O. Winer resigned as director and was appointed as director emeritus.
2023 Jun.
Mr. Toshio Niimi assumed director.
Past Directors (Term as Director)
Mr. Nobuo Fukuma (2000-2002)

: Former President, Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Prof. Herbert S.Cheng (2000-2008)

: Professor Emeritus, Northwesterm University

Mr. Seihachi Takahashi (2002-2010)

: Former President, Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tatehito Ueda (2009-2015)

: Former President, Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Mr. Masaru Funai (2000-2016)


Prof. Ward O. Winer (2000-2023)

: Regents' Professor and Chair Emeritus, Georgia Institute of Technology

Mr. Koichi Sugihara (2015-2023)

: Former President, Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Research Grant: Application & Awarded Result (2001 - 2023)

Conference Grant

- Name of Conference Grant for Conference Grant for Young Tribologists
2001 Jul. Limits of Lubrication (Prof. Cameron Tribute Meeting)  
2003 Sep. International Conference on Erosive Abrasive Wear Ⅱ(ICEAW Ⅱ)  
2006 Oct. ASIATRIB 2006 KANAZAWA  
2007 Sep. International Conference on Science of Friction(ICSF)
2008 Mar. MRS Spring Meeting : Nanoscale Tribology-Impact for Materials and Devices
2009 Sep. World Tribology Congress 2009 (WTC Ⅳ)
2011 Oct. International Tribology Conference Hiroshima 2011(ITC Hirosima 2011)  
2012 Jan. Advances in lubrication; Linking Molecular, Meso and Machine Scales
2013 Nov. Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2013 (MITC 2013)
2014 Jan. International Nanotribology Forum
2014 Jul. Gordon Research Seminar on Tribology
2015 Jun. The European Conference on Tribology 2015 (Ecotrib 2015)
2015 Sep. International Tribology Conference, Tokyo 2015 (ITC Tokyo 2015)  
2016 Mar. TRIBOLOGY INTERACTIONS BEYOND THE SURFACE A tribute to Prof. Jean-Marie Georges
2017 Apr. Chemistry and Physics of Tribology Symposium at the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition  
2017 Oct. Japan-Taiwan Tribology Symposium 2017
2017 Nov. 2nd Czech-Japan Tribology Workshop  
2018 Mar. Fundamental Studies of Mechanochemical and Tribochemical Processes at Interfaces  
2019 Sep. International Tribology Conference Sendai 2019  
2020 Jan. International Nanotribology Forum: Chiang Rai, Thailand 2020
Atomic/Molecular Insights into Tribological Processes
2020 Jan. Molecular Mechanisms of Tribochemistry and Lubrication  
2022 Jun. Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Tribology  
2022 Dec. IndiaTrib-2022  
2023 Aug. Symposium in Honor of Prof. em. Nicholas D. Spencer