Awarded Research Themes and Reports

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Grant Year Research Theme Principal Investigator,
Research Content
Summary / Related Publication / Main Report
Modelling the influence of friction modifiers and anti-wear additives on friction in the mixed/boundary lubrication regime Prof. Ian Sherrington(UK),
Prof. Robert Ian Taylor(UK)

Ⅰ. Summary
This research has developed a simple method for reliably estimating mixed/boundary friction in a lubricated contact using the contact Lamba Ratio. The method is summarized by a single equation which can be applied both for un-additivated lubricants, and lubricants containing ZDDP anti-wear additives. Work is ongoing to apply a modified version of the equation to lubricants containing friction modifiers. The proposed equation is in good agreement with experimental data and its application suggests that some traditionally used mixed/boundary friction models (such as that of Greenwood-Tripp) significantly underestimate the amount of mixed/boundary friction. As mixed/boundary friction in machines is expected to increase in the future (due to the use of lower viscosity lubricants) simple, reliable methods to estimate friction losses due to mixed/boundary friction will become of increased importance, and the equation developed in this research will help tribologists and engineers to estimate such losses more easily.

Ⅱ. Main Report (including Related Publication)
21A10 Main Report (HP).pdf
Affiliation of Principal Investigator:
University of Central Lancashire
Reversed-hierarchical Multiscale Analytical Approach to Elucidate Micro-contacts Separated by Liquid Nano-films Dr. Henry Brunskill(UK),
Prof. Roger Lewis(UK)


Affiliation of Principal Investigator:
University of Sheffield
Controlling electrical potential to enable lubrication condition monitoring and improvement of electric drives Dr. Min Yu(UK),
Reader Tom Reddyhoff(UK)


Affiliation of Principal Investigator:
Imperial College London
Tribological evaluation of self-lubricating diamond like carbon coated particle in metal matrix composite coating Dr. Shahira Liza Binti Kamis(Malaysia),
Assoc. Prof. Hiroki Akasaka(Japan)


Affiliation of Principal Investigator:
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia