Awarded Research Themes and Reports

Grant Year No. Research Theme Principal Investigator
Related Presentation/Publication
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06A03 Use Of Excimer Laser For Nano Materials Applications and Tribology: Coatings, Micro Machining, and Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) Prof. Ranga Komanduri
N/A We intend to publish most of this work in archival journals of international repute.
06A08 Nano scale tribological performance of ALD metal films on electroplated Ni sidewall Asst. Prof. Daejong Kim N/A ---
06A11 Micro Self Adapting Surfaces for Bearing and Machine Interfaces Assist. Prof. Robert L. Jackson
N/A Presentations
[1] Duvvuru, R. S., Jackson, R. L., Hong, J. W., Novel Micro Scale Surface Textures For Hydrodynamic Lubrication, Presented at the 2007 STLE Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, May 6-10, 2007.

[2] Lei, J., Jackson, R. L., A Numerical Simulation of Lubricated Grooved Self Adapting Surfaces, Presented at the 2007 STLE Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, May 6-10, 2007.

We plan to submit paper versions of these presentations to technical journals in tribology such as ASME Journal of Tribology, STLE Tribology Transactions, or Tribology Letters
06B01 Understanding Solid Lubricant Films at Different Scales Prof. Roland Bennewitz
Prof. Wilfred Tysoe Publication
T. Filleter, W. Paul and R. Bennewitz, Atomic structure and friction of ultrathin films of KBr on Cu(100) Phys. Rev. B 77 (2008) 035430

T. Filleter, W. Paul, R. Bennewitz, Atomic-scale Friction on Ultra thin Films AVS International Symposium Seattle (USA), October 18, 2007
R. Bennewitz, Atomic friction and plasticity observed by force microscopy Workshop on Nanoscale Tribology at Aluminum Surfaces General Motors R&D Center, Warren (USA), August 24, 2007
R. Bennewitz, Frictional properties of ultra-thin films, 6th ESF Nanotribology Workshop, Pula, Italy, May 13, 2007
R. Bennewitz, Friction on the Atomic Scale, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, May 11, 2007
06A07 Developing a novel elasto-plasto-fracture method (EPFM) for optimisation of coated machine elements Prof. Kenneth Holmberg
Dr. Anssi Laukkanen 1. Holmberg, K., Laukkanen, A., Ronkainen, H., Wallin, K., Koskinen, J. & Varjus, S., Optimizing coated contacts by 3D FEM stress modelling and fracture toughness determination, 4th World Tribology Congress, 12-16.9.2005, Washington DC, USA, invited keynote presentation

2. Ronkainen, H., Holmberg, K. & Laukkanen, A., Coated surface design by modeling and simulation, MIICS 2006 - Mikkeli International Industrial Coating Seminar, 16-17.3.2006, Mikkeli, Finland

3. Ronkainen, H., Holmberg, K. & Laukkanen, A., Tribological analysis of TiN and DLC coated contacts by 3D FEM stress modelling and fracture tuoghness determination VTT Symposium on Applied Materials, 8.6.2006, Otaniemi, Finland

4. Ronkainen, H., Laukkanen, A. & Holmberg, K., Friction in a coated surface deformed by a sliding sphere, Wear 263(2007)1315-1323 / WoM 2007 -- Wear of Materials 16th Int. Conf., 15-19.4.2007, Montreal, Canada

5. Matthews, A., Franklin, S. & Holmberg, K., Tribological coatings: Contact mechanics and selection, J. Physics D: Appl. Physics 40(2007)1-13

6. Holmberg, K., Ronkainen, H., Laukkanen, A., Wallin, K., Erdemir, A. & Eryilmaz, O., Tribological analysis of TiN and DLC coated contacts by 3D FEM modeling and stress simulation. Wear 264 (2007)877-884 / NORDTRIB 2006 - Nordic Symposium on Tribology, 6-9.6.2006, Helsingo"r, Denmark

7. Holmberg, K., Ronkainen, H., Laukkanen, A. & Wallin, K., Friction and wear of coated surfaces -- scales, modelling and simulation of tribomechanisms, Surface and Coatings Technology 202 (2007) 1034-1049 / ICMCTF 2007 -- Int. Conf. on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films, 23-27.4.2007, San Diego, USA, invited keynote presentation

8. Ronkainen, H., Laukkanen, A. & Holmberg, K., Three dimensional stress analysis of TiN, DLC and MoS2 coated contacts by 3D FEM modeling, Submitted to Tribology International 09/2007, 14 p. / ECOTRIB"07 Joint European Conference on Tribology and Final Conference of COST 532: Triboscience and Tribotechnology, 12-15.6.2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia

9. Holmberg, K., Laukkanen, A. & Ronkainen, H., Surface stresses in coated steel surfaces - influnence of a bond layer on surface fracture. Submitted to Tribology International, 2007, 27 p. / 34th Leeds-Lyon Symposuim on Tribology, 4-7.9.2007, Lyon, France

The papers and presentation include due acknowledgement to the support from Taiho Kogyo Tribology Research Foundation