Awarded Research Themes and Reports

Note: "Affiliation" in the table is based on the day of grant. Click onto find the e-mail address of principal investigator. 

Grant Year Research Theme Principal Investigator,
Research Content
Summary / Related Publication / Main Report
Influence of sustainable fuel on the tribological behavior of nickel-based super alloys in gas turbine engines Assoc.Prof. Pantcho Stoyanov(Canada),
Dr. Rakesh Bhaskaran Nair(Canada)


Affiliation of Principal Investigator:
Concordia University
Tribological Challenges in a Hydrogen Environment – Development and Evaluation of a Novel, Optical Test Apparatus Dr. Sorin-Cristian Vladescu(UK)


Affiliation of Principal Investigator:
King's College London
3-D Contact Scanner to measure contact force, real contact area, and deformation curvatures using Frustrated Total Internal Reflection Dr. Hamid Ghaednia(USA)


Affiliation of Principal Investigator:
Harvard Medical School