Awarded Research Themes and Reports

Grant Year No. Research Theme Principal Investigator
Related Presentation/Publication
(Textual quotation)
08A04 Wear and Friction Reduction in Net-Shaped Precision Parts using Thermoplastic Forming of Bulk Metallic Glass Assoc. Prof. Jan Schroers
N/A G.Kumar, D.Rector, R.D.Conner, J.Schroers, Embrittlement of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses, Acta Materialia 57 (2009)3572-3583
07B08 Study on application of acoustic emission method to fretting phenomena Prof. Masayuki Shima
Mr. Satoshi Ito The paper based on this research has been published on Tribology International in February 2009. The paper is entitled "The relationship between AE and dissipation energy for fretting wear" The authors are Satoshi Ito, Masayuki Shima, Tatsuhiro Jibiki and Hideki Akita.

A part of the results of this research, which was titled "Simultaneous measuring of acoustic emission and contact electrical resistance for fretting" has been presented at "JAST Tribology Conference, Tokyo, Japan (May 2008)".

The results of frequency analysis of AE have been presented as "AE measurement in fretting and its application" at the section meeting of wear researchers for JAST (December 2008).
08B01 Mechanism of aqueous based lubrication with glycoproteins Dr. Rowena Crockett
Prof. Nicholas D. Spencer A publication is in progress. Results from this project have been presented at the WTC in Kyoto 2009.
08B05 Contact mechanism of carbon based MCECR-nano films with nano-textures and nano-structures Prof. Dongfeng Diao
N/A (1) Xue Fan, Dongfeng Diao, Yan Chen, Pengfei Wang, Tribological behavior of MCECR nano carbon-based films, World Tribology Congress IV 2009, Kyoto, Japan, , pp.444-444, 2009.

(2)Weifeng Jiang, Dongfeng Diao, The Critical Conditions for Tribo-Demagnetization of Magnetic Disk under Sliding Contact, World Tribology Congress IV, Kyoto, Japan, pp.774-774, 2009.

(3)Jianhua Chen and Dongfeng Diao, Finite Element Analysis on Effect of SurfaceTexture on Precise Positioning, World Tribology Congress IV, Kyoto, Japan , pp.199-199, 2009.

(4)Xue Fan, Dongfeng Diao, Xinzhi Pei, Jiangtao Liu and S. Umemura, TribologicalBehavior of ECR Nano Carbon Films Deposited on Si (100) Substrate with 400 -C Heating, submitted to Tribology International, 2010.

(5)Xue Fan, Dongfeng Diao, and Jianhua Chen, Study of the Low Friction Mechanismof 400 -C Heating ECR Nano Carbon Films with Finite Element Analysis, submittedto ASME Journal of Tribology, 2010.