Awarded Research Themes and Reports

Grant Year No. Research Theme Principal Investigator
Related Presentation/Publication
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07A04 Ultrasonic film thickness measurement in a piston ring/liner contact Prof. Rob S Dwyer-Joyce
N/A Dissemination of Research
It is a little early yet to have published or presented the work. However, the following activities have been carried out:
(a) Preparation of a book chapter (submitted now under review) - Dwyer-Joyce, R.S., (2008), An Ultrasonic Approach for the Measurement of Oil Films in the Piston Zone, Chapter 22 in Tribology and Dynamics of Engine and Power train: Fundamentals, Applications and Future trends, Woodhead Publishing Ltd. -- in press
(b) Organization of a one day seminar at The Institution of Mechanical Engineering London on reciprocating seals -- including piston rings. I chaired the event. 25 June 2008.
We will certainly be presenting the work at conferences (probably STLE in the spring -- we won't be ready in time for ASME/STLE or Leeds-Lyon). WE have just started writing a paper also.
07A07 Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (frap) within a lubricated contact Prof. Hugh Spikes
N/A [1] Reddyhoff, T., Choo, J. W., Spikes,
H.A., Glovnea, R.P. Lubricant flow in an elastohydrodynamic contact using fluorescence. Paper preprint in Trib. Letters, 2010, DOI 10.1007/s11249-010-9592-6.

[2] Myant, C., Reddyhoff, T. and Spikes, H.A., Laser-induced fluorescence for film thickness mapping in pure sliding lubricated, compliant, contacts.
Accepted for publication in Tribology International, March 2010.

[3] Reddyhoff, T., Spikes, H. A., Choo, J. W., (2008) Fluorescence Recovery
After Photo-Bleaching (FRAP) to study Elastohydrodynamic Contacts.
STLE Annual Meeting, Cleveland, May.

[4] Hili, J., Olver, A., Reddyhoff, T., Pellettier, C., Jacobs, L., (2009) Film forming characteristics of oil-in-water emulsions in high speed elastohydrodynamic contacts. Proceedings of the ASME/STLE International Joint Tribology Conference, Memphis, October.

[5] Reddyhoff, T., (2008), Infrared Thermography and Fluorescence Techniques to Study Lubricated Contacts. Institute of Physics - Advanced Measurement Techniques in Tribology Conference, London, October.
07A29 Characterization of damage related mechanical properties of thin polymer films on hard substrates Assoc. Prof. Paula Wood-Adams
N/A Journal Article:
R. Motamedi, P Wood-Adams*, "Measurement of fluid properties using an acoustically excited AFM micro-cantilever", J. Rheol. 54(5), 959-980, 2010.
R Motamedi, PM Wood-Adams*, "Influence of Fluid Cell Design on the Frequency Response of AFM Microcantilevers in Liquid Media" Sensors, 8, 5927-5941, 2008.

Conference Presentations/Papers:
R. Motamedi, PM Wood-Adams, Micro-cantilever based rheology, XVth International Conference on Rheology, Monterey, California, August 2008.
R. Motamedi, PM Wood-Adams, Micro-cantilever based rheology, 79th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2007.
07B06 Effective Molecular Architectures for Boundary Lubrication in Water Dr. Wuge H. Briscoe
N/A a. I have presented some of my research findings at the following seminars and conferences:
i. 27 Jan 2010, Invited Seminar, Department of Chemistry, University College of London, UK.
ii. Dec 2009, Invited Talk, ESRF & ILL Partnership for Soft Matter Workshop on Scattering and Complementary Techniques, Grenoble, France.
iii. Oct 2009, Invited Seminar, P&G Gillette Innovation Centre, Reading UK.
iv. Sep 2009, Invited Seminar, Lubrizol, Hazelwood Research Centre, Derby UK.
v. Jul 2009, Invited Frontier Seminar, Institute of Particle Sci. Engineering, University of Leeds, UK.
vi. Nov 2008, Invited Seminar, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Section seminar, University of Bristol
vii. Sep 2008, Conference Talk, 22nd European Colloid & Interface Society Conference,Krakow, Poland.
viii. Aug 2008, Conference Talk (1st Prize for Best Oral Presentation), 13th UK Polymer Colloids Forum Symposium, University of Greenwich, UK.
ix. Jul 2008, Talk, M4 Colloids Symposium University of Bath, UK.
x. Jun 2008, Soft Matter seminar, University of Bristol, UK.
xi. May 2008, Invited talk, RSC Rideal Lectureship Support Symposium RE^VES COLLOI"DAUX, London UK.

b. Related publications:
i. Chen, M., Briscoe, W. H., Armes, S. P. & Klein, J. Lubrication at Physiological
Pressures by Polyzwitterionic Brushes. Science 323, 1698-1701 (2009).
ii. Briscoe, W.H. et al. Aqueous Lubrication by a Semi-Fluorinated Surfactant.
Langmuir (submitted)
iii. Briscoe, W.H. et al. A Novel Liquid Cell for Synchrotron XRR Measurement at the Mica-Water Interface. Review of Scientific Instruments (in preparation)
07B12 The Effects of Crystal Orientation in Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT)
Operation of CVD Coated Silicon Carbide(SiC)
Prof. John Patten
Mr. Deepak Ravindra
The scope of this research was incorporated as part of a mechanical engineering course lab (Processes and Materials in Manufacturing) session at Western Michigan University.

The results of this research were presented in one of the meetings/seminars held by the Western Michigan University Nanomanufacturing group. The slides of the presentation are attached along with this report.

The findings of this study will be written up into a paper and submitted to the Journal of Materials Research.