Awarded Research Themes and Reports

Grant Year No. Research Theme Principal Investigator
Related Presentation/Publication
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01A01 Development of Low Friction Tribo-System by Condensed Water Lubrication of Ceramics with Surface Texture Prof. Koji Kato
Assistant Prof. Koshi Adachi
Presentation: Xiaolei Wang, Koji Kato and Koshi Adachi, The critical condition for the transition from HL to ML in water lubricated SiC, 6th International Tribology Conference Austrib, 2002, 2-5th December, 2002, Perth, Western Australia.
Publication: Xiaolei Wang, Koji Kato and Koshi Adachi, The Lubrication Effect of Micro-Pits on Parallel Sliding Faces of SiC in Water, Journal of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineering, Lubrication Engineering, 58, 8 (2002) 27-34.
01A02 Blister Avoidance in Carbon-Graphite Mechanical Seals Dr. Philip J. Guichelaar
Dr. Molly W. Williams
Dr. Philip Guichelaar, Dr. Steven Butt, Ms. Karalyn Folkert and Dr. Molly Williams "Variability Analysis of Blister Occurrence on Carbon-Graphite Mechanical Seal Faces" STLE Meeting in Houston Texas - May 20, 2002
01A03 Optimization of deposition parameters for achieving high wear resistance of nitrogenated carbon coatings sputtered on steel surfaces Dr. Takahisa Kato (Japan) Prof. Francis E. Kennedy
A paper based on this research will be presented at the 14th International Conference on Wear of Materials in Washington, DC (USA) in March 2002. The paper will also be published in Wear. The paper is entitled "Tribological Behavior of Hard Carbon Coatings on Steel Substrates" The authors are F.E. Kennedy, D. Lidhagen, Ali Erdemir, John Woodford and Takahisa Kato.
01B03 Rheology and elastohydrodynamic lubrication of rough(real) surfaces Prof. Bo Jacobson
N/A The high-pressure chamber work has been published by Bo Jacobson in the Tribology Conference in Nagasaki October 29-November 2, 2000, (pp 1199-1202), ISBN 4-9900139-5-6, and in the Nordtrib 2000 conference. The work with the new STRECON container has been published in the doctoral thesis by Jonas Sta*hl "Mechanical Analysis of Lubrication and Lubricants", ISRN LUTMDN/TMME-1016-SE, 29 November 2002. It has also been submitted for publication by Bo Jacobson and Jonas Sta*hl to STLE Tribology Transactions.
Other recent papers by Bo Jacobson are "Nano-Meter Film Rheology and Asperity Lubrication", Journal of Tribology, July 2002, Vol. 124, pp.595-599, "The Stribeck Memorial Lecture", Nordtrib 2002 and submitted to Tribology International. Sta*hl and Jacobson have recently submitted a paper "A Non-Newtonian Model Based on Limiting Shear Stress and Slip Planes - Parametric Studies" to Journal of Tribology and Sta*hl has published "Narrow journal bearings" in Proc Inst Mech Engrs Vol. 216 Part J, Journal of Engineering Tribology pp. 343-346, 2002. Sta*hl and Jacobson published "Design functions for hydrodynamic bearings" in Journal of Engineering Tribology, Proc Inst Mech Engrs Vol 215, part J, pp 405-416, 2001.
01B11 Fundamental issues involved in prediction of metallic wear Prof. Sanjay K. Biswas(India) Prof. David A. Rigney(USA),
Prof. Ajay Kapoor(UK)
We will publish after the 'unfinished work' is complated.
01B18 Modeling the thermomechanical state of scuffing of tribological components Prof. Q. Jane Wang(USA) N/A Zhang, C., Ye, Z., Wang, Q., Cheng, H. S., Wang, Y., and Tung, S, "An Experimental Investigation on Piston Skirt Scuffing, Part II: Scuffing Mechanism Exploration," submitted to Wear.
Zhang, C., Wang, Q., and Cheng, H., " Scuffing Behavior of Piston-Pin/Bore Bearing in Mixed Lubrication -Part II: Scuffing Mechanism and Failure Criterion," submitted to Tribology Transactions.
Liu, S. and Wang, Q, "A Thermomechanical Contact Solver for Moving Rough Half-spaces," to be presented at the 2003 STLE Annual Meeting.